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Heavy equipment is sensitive to economic cycles, raw material costs, and overall economic sentiment. Because it can be an indicator of things to come, it's essential to have a real-time gauge on factors that can predict market volatility.

Every other month, WolfTrac publishes independent, primary research from across the heavy equipment channel. Respondents of our monthly studies include senior and middle managers from OEMs, rental companies, and end-user industries.

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What types of heavy equipment are moving in the market today? How has demand for each type of equipment changed over time? And how do these changes compare to other equipment types? WolfTrac highlights emerging trends and unexpected surprises in demand that directly impact your business. Use our unbiased insights to strengthen your forecasting and growth strategies.

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What do end-users really need from your equipment? What attitudes and mindsets influence their opinions across multiple equipment types? What criteria do they use to select and finance heavy equipment? Count on WolfTrac's timely and unbiased reports to reduce risk, enhance your presentations, and enable forward-looking decision making that meets end-user needs.

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Is the hype around a new technology worth it or is it just "technology for technology's sake?" Which technologies address labor and skills shortages to improve productivity and effectiveness? WolfTrac delivers objective, real-time insights from professionals in the heavy equipment market so you can choose technologies that deliver practical and strategic advantages to your customers.

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* Please note that sample data shown is for illustrative purposes only.

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