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WolfTrac was founded to be a unique source of independent, unbiased, and continuous primary research into the heavy equipment market. We take pride in our objective and incisive approach to research and analysis, and gather the latest pertinent data so you can make informed and insightful decisions. Put our experience to work for your organization and discover how truly independent data provides you with fresh, new opportunities.

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Alison has extensive hands-on experience understanding the cadence of data and how trends evolve, enabling WolfTrac to deliver objective, unbiased data to its clients.

Alison Wolf

As principal, Alison is responsible for all aspects of qualitative and quantitative research including project scope, question design, multivariate analysis and interpretation, and proprietary data visualization.


Alison honed her skills over 15+ years of conducting research for Fortune 1000 and medium size companies as well as investors. Her talent is asking follow-up questions to uncover the “so what” factor that makes WolfTrac's reporting so valuable.

Alison has formalized her quantitative credentials throughout education and professional responsibilities. She earned an MBA in Finance from Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business and Economics. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst Charter (CFA Institute) and a Certified Internal Auditor (Internal Auditor Institute). Alison also has a Data Analytics Certificate from Cornell University.


Lead Research Analyst

Lisa loves getting to the bottom of things. Her detailed and inquisitive approach to research helps WolfTrac deliver truly independent data and analyses to its clients.

Middle Aged Woman

Lisa is equally adept at building relationships with B2B partners and WolfTrac clients.  She understands the importance of trusted partnerships, and enjoys working with survey respondents to deliver data that matters.

Career highlights include serving as a liaison for construction projects in the Midwest, managing contracts in the long-term care industry, and teaching.

Using her exceptional communication, customer service, and collaborative skills, Lisa has strategized and executed successful fundraisers, and managed multiple not-for-profit projects.

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