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The laser-focused approach of a WolfTrac analyst leaves nothing to chance when mining every nugget of data to support your strategic decision making. Our goal is to deliver visibility into your customers' dynamic decision points so you can deliver products and services they want, need, and are willing to pay for. Our monthly studies cover these core topics for accurate insights into real-time trends and opportunities.

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The demand for heavy equipment comes from diverse industries including construction, utilities, retail, farming, and transportation, to name a few.


Do you know who is looking for what types of equipment? We do. Because our reports segment demand by equipment, customer type, and job category, you can quickly understand sources of demand and changes in demand trends.

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If you aren't aware of a customer's preferences and pain points, you can't meet their requirements or highlight your competitive advantages in a tight and challenging market.

End-user needs factor into every aspect of your product: design, technology, pricing, and more. What features are essential vs. nice to have? How must you accommodate labor impacts or skill gaps?

WolfTrac research transforms qualitative inputs into quantitative results to drive strategic decision making that advances your brand and market position.


From safety and productivity to energy consumption, technology helps address major challenges associated with heavy equipment. But users have varying adoption rates and technology needs, and don't always embrace changes as expected.


WolfTrac understands the importance of knowing which technologies resonate with clients so you can reduce the risks inherent in R&D initiatives, marketing, and other organizational investments. Our studies explore adoption of popular technological characteristics, anticipate future trends, and uncover where users feel technology can provide the most value.


Numbers matter.


Price considerations directly impact heavy equipment decisions and drive volume and order complexity.


Pricing also dictates whether to purchase or lease and factors into your return on investment in technology and usage options.

Flexible Payment Planning


It doesn't take a crystal ball to read the future. Just hard questions, asked often, and deep experience to understand developments behind the data.

What types of heavy equipment will be most popular in the next one to three years? And why are certain types of heavy equipment more in demand than others?

Our reports summarize data on demand and pricing from heavy equipment distributors. We also reference economic sources such as the US Federal Reserve Survey of Professional Forecasters and other pertinent and reputable economic participants.

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