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WolfTrac makes it easy to acquire objective intelligence that supports your strategic business decisions. Whether you're focused on a specific project or developing long term growth plans, there's a report package designed to meet your changing needs.

Feel free to contact us to discuss a custom package or learn more about the value of WolfTrac's reports.

business analysis


Do you have time to plow through dozens of pages of historical data to isolate and extract the most pertinent information? We didn't think so.


That's why WolfTrac reports are concise, straight-forward and forward-looking. Our "quick pulse" approach summarizes our most recent study results using clearly-written commentary and comprehensible tables  and graphs.

And they're delivered in electronic format so you can quickly share the latest industry insights with your team.

Reports are published every other month based on monthly surveys conducted by experienced professionals who understand the heavy equipment market. 

Take the next step and experience the value WolfTrac reports can add to your strategic decision making. Just click the desired Pay Now button in the right column to subscribe or purchase a single report.

Discussing the Numbers


Select your desired option from the pull-down menu and click Buy Now to pay using your credit card or PayPal account. No PayPal account is needed to pay by credit card. Your credit card statement or PayPal confirmation is your receipt.

Annual Subscription


  • Receive 6 reports published every other month

  • Begin immediately with the most current published report or start your subscription with the next available report

  • Investment: $540

Single Report


  • Purchase the most current published report or the next available report

  • Investment: $135 per report

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